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Data Methods

Target Values for the EHE Indicators

, the stated EHE 2030 goal is a 90% reduction from baseline year (2017) and the stated 2025 target is a 75% reduction; the 2030 and 2025 targets for both incidence and diagnoses were calculated as follows:
  • 2030: Calculate 90% from baseline using the formula: 2017 baseline value*0.10
  • 2025: Calculate 75% from baseline using the formula: 2017 baseline value*0.25
The stated 2030 and 2025 target values for other EHE indicators are as follows:
  • knowledge of statusknowledge of status
    Knowledge of status:
  • Linkage to careLinkage to care
    Linkage to care:
  • viral suppresionviral suppresion
    Viral suppression:
  • Prep coveragePrep coverage
    PrEP coverage:

Data Sources

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